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nephew's wedding

June 30, 2002 Comments off

Today is my nephew’s wedding.

Abu Bakar Mohd Salim. He is the eldest son of my eldest brother, Bang Mat.

Me went to felda Simpang Waha, Kota Tinggi, Johor.

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harijadi aBo

June 3, 2002 1 comment

the millionaire t-shirt is a reminder

Harijadi aBo yg pertama. [+ newborn]

Begitu juga, sudah setahun me menyertai peraduan millionaire itu.

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Labourer to invest part of $500,000 prize – the archive

June 1, 2002 2 comments

Fauziah Latiff with Azmi Berah and the giant mock cheque which is part of his prize (1992).

JOHOR BARU, Sun. – Estate labourer Azmi Berah 660920-01-5605 who won $500,000 in the Courts Mammoth Superstore’s lucky draw last month, has decided to invest part of the money in the newly-introduced Amanah Saham Johor.

“I will also buy a car and take my family to interesting places and visit relatives all over Johor,” he said after receiving $100,000 of the prize money at the store here today.

The money, together with a mock cheque for $500,000 cheque were handed to him by singer Fauziah Latiff. Azmi’s family members and the store’s representatives were present at the ceremony.

Azmi, 25, from Kampung Paya Embun, Pekan Nenas, about 50km from here, also brought his parents, Encik Berah Musngori and Puan Sapiah Utuh, his 75-year-old grandmother Rapeah Karshin, his two brothers and younger sister (Nor Aini bt Berah 850121-01-5382) and other relatives to witness the occasion.

Azmi said besides repairing his parents’ dilapidated-house, he also plans to venture into business and donate part of the prize money to some of his relatives as “they are also as poor as we are”.

Berah, 50, said Azmi was the same shy and quiet person even after his winning entry was announced on May 13. Today, he received $100,000. He will get the rest in $20,000 installments every Hari Raya Puasa for the next 20 years (until 2012).

– New Straits Times, 1st June 1992 (10 years ago, today)
(the above archive was retrieved on 7th October 2008)

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