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Go Perth 2006

May 17, 2006 4 comments

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i am at the most remote capital city in the world

I just finished updating the other blogsite about me and mQ’s trip to Perth, Australia. The best part of the trip that it was free, courtesy of mQ’s annual dinner lucky draw. Full story go to goperth and how mQ won the trip >> click .

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go perth: day 6

May 6, 2006 Comments off

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Me walked early in the morning to experience the Perth city through the St. Georges Street and Hay Street. Me bypassed the London Court mall, visited the Perth Mint, went to the Museum which is next to the train station.

Me took the CAT bus to the Kings Park before heading back to the hotel at noon. The bus shuttle arrived at 1230 before driving to the International airport.

The flight home was at 1630 hrs. Me had encounters no problem at the airports.
Me arrived at KLIA airport at 2250 hrs and got into cikcity.
Me drove alternatively home to M town and arrived at 0300hrs in the morning.

Thanks mate!

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go perth: day 5

May 5, 2006 Comments off

(insert nambung park)

The bus tour operator arrived at the hotel at 0715 hours. It was 3 hours journey to the Nambung National Park. Me took pictures and videos around the pinnacles and dropped by the Cervantes small beach town at noon. Me bought ‘jajan’ along the way.

Me sandboarded at Lacelin at 1600 hrs and went straight home to Perth.

Me arrived at Perth city around 1845hrs and had regular meal at the Indonesian restaurant.

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go perth: day 4

May 4, 2006 Comments off

 (insert perth zoo)

Me took CAT bus to get to the Swan Bells’ jetty to go to Perth Zoo by the Transperth ferry. Me paid the entrance fee and me took pictures with the real kangaroos and sleeping koalas.

At Perth city, me bought groceries and had meals at the Indonesian Restaurant. Me bought souvenirs again.

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go perth: day 3

May 3, 2006 Comments off

(insert quokka)

At 0730, me walked to the Swan Bells’ jetty to catch our ferry to Rottnest island. Before boarding the ferry, me bought a black coffee and banana muffin at the jetty. The ferry journey took about 35 minutes to Fremantle port, in which me switched our ferry to the island.
At Rottnest island, me hired a bus coach for 2 hours tour around the island. Me saw the quokka and bought few postcards. Me had our lunch of apples on the island.

The returning ferry trip to Perth was at 1615.
Arriving at Perth city, me went straight to the Indonesian Indah Restaurant for dinner.

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go perth: day 2

May 2, 2006 Comments off

(insert fremantle)

Early in the morning (0800), me took a train from Perth train station to Fremantle.
Fremantle is a vibrant port city that has history and heritage, art and culture.
Me bought a lot of souvenirs, and postcards. Me booked a ferry to Rottnest Island and a bus tour to the Pinnacles.

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go perth: day 1

May 1, 2006 Comments off

(insert perth airport)

At 3.30am, me drove all the way from the hotel and arrived at KLIA at 5.00am. Me parked cikcity at the parking lot and took the parking token.
Me changed the ringgit to the aussie (AUS$1 = RM2.72).
The MAS airplane departed KLIA at 9.30am and arrived at the Perth International Airport at 3.00pm.
Me took the Perth Airport shuttle to the Emerald Hotel. Me slept early today to save the energy for tomorrow.

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