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pulai sedi: day 10

December 30, 2003 Comments off

Me went to cultural village at Santubong. It’s about 35 km from Kuching. The live show was fascinating and cultivating. It is surely the world class standard show.

Me flew back to jb on that evening. The End.

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pulai sedi: day 9

December 29, 2003 Comments off

At Kuching city, me stayed at Holiday Inn hotel. Tomorrow is our flight to the peninsular. In the evening, me walked around the city and waterfront.

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pulai sedi: day 8

December 28, 2003 Comments off

Today is the last day me stayed at the longhouse. Me had to go back to the peninsular. On the way back to kuching airport (about 4 hours drive), me by-passed Sri Aman city.

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pulai sedi: day 7

December 27, 2003 Comments off

Today is a big day for aTi and aDm. The family wanted to take their pictures under the iban’s fashion. But for aTi, they took more than 2 hours to wear her that heavy clothes. But aTi is beautiful.

In the afternoon, me went to Grigat is a small fishing village on the opposite direction of Kabong. Me bought some fresh crabs. On the way return from the Gergat beach, me stopped over to visit one of our relatives’ longhouse. There were some people playing poker for money.

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pulai sedi: day 6

December 26, 2003 Comments off

After few days stuck in the longhouse, me wanted to go to Sibu very badly. Me drove father-in-law’s van to the city via Sarikei and Sungai Rejang. Me had to cross the dirty river by taking a slow ferry.

The first thing we did in the city was to have lunch at McDonalds. We went window shopping and bought few toys and magazines. That’s it, but it was a nice and worthy trip.

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pulai sedi: day 5

December 25, 2003 Comments off

Today is Christmas day. It was raining heavily. Me went to Roban town to meet my father in law.

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pulai sedi: day 4

December 24, 2003 Comments off

Kabong is a fishing village located at the end of the road. Me, aDm, Ati, Aqi and Jampong went there just to take pictures (or video u might call) of some Tembakol fish and jetty sceneries.

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